Man suspicious after finding wife was getting inappropriate 3am texts from boss

A man was shocked after looking at his wife’s phone when he discovered that she was getting inappropriate texts from her boss at 3am, and when he tried to learn more she lied about it

A man was shocked after checking his wife’s phone and finding inappropriate 3am texts from her boss – and said that he wants it to stop.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he knew he shouldn’t have checked his wife’s phone but he was suspicious about who was texting her in the middle of the night.

He then found that his wife’s boss was sending inappropriate messages, saying that he wanted to ‘hold her in his arms’, and now the man is concerned.

He said he wants it to ‘stop’, and suspects that something more might be going on – as when he asked his wife about the messages she lied about who they were from.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “My wife found a new job last year. She has been working very hard at her job and doing long hours, so currently, I am the primary caregiver for our kids.

“I know she has been texting with her boss at night for the past few weeks. Recently our relationship has hit a very rough patch. I suspect this has something to do with her boss.

“I know I am wrong to do this but I decided to check her text messages without her knowledge.

“Her boss has been sending her inappropriate text messages at night. His text messages are wishing her goodnight, wishing to hold her in his arms, comforting her etc. So far, she has rebuffed his advances.

“I know she has not been cheating, but she has not been telling me the truth either. Even though it is nothing sexual, I am very angry at the boss.”

The man took to Reddit to ask for advice, as he wasn’t sure whether he should confront his wife, address the boss, or talk to her boss’s wife to bring her into the issue.

One user said: “You wife is being harassed! She is probably not cheating but likely trying to walk the line and not be fired from the job that is keeping her family afloat.

“Start from a perspective of support. Work on this together. Your marriage can be stronger if you support each other through this.”

While a second said: “Your reaction to this is probably why she hasn’t told you. Rather than talking to your wife, who is clearly being harassed and likely worried about losing her job, you’re asking if you should ‘confront’ her.”

And a third added: “You don’t do anything other than support your wife. It is her job that is at stake and it needs to be her decision how she, as the victim, wishes to move forward.

“I will say, she needs to keep any and all documentation in case she does lose her job and you wish to move forward with a civil suit against him and the company for damages.”