Facebook users divided by question of whether they would want to know when they died

The question posed was ‘if you were given an envelope with the time and date of your death inside, would you open it?’

Facebook users who stumbled across a rather difficult question on their timeline were left stumped last week.

The image was shared by Facebook page “That ain’t right” who asked: “If you were given an envelope with the time and date of your death inside, would you open it?

With over 74 thousand likes and almost 400 thousand comments, it’s safe to say that some Facebook users were left pondering.

Many were bold and jovial in their comments, with others taking the question quite seriously, to the point where it made them anxious just thinking about it.

One user commented: “No way. It would change everything. I would rather live everyday as if it is my last.

“Telling people I love them, doing random acts of kindness, reaching out to strangers, being real, playing on the swingset, talking to children in the world on their own level, and listening for their wisdom.

“This would allow me to rest with no regrets, everyday. Then I would take what comes and go to that better place to reunite with my peeps and pets there, also with no regrets. Win. Win. Win. And lotsa heavenly hugs.”

A little less poetically, although agreeing that they wouldn’t want to know, one user said: “No. When I’m laying in the box, I want to look surprised.”

On the opposite end of the argument, one user jokingly said: “Hell yeah! Then I’d party hard until then.”

While another added: “Yes, I’d want to be ready with clean house, trash out, hair combed and teeth brushed to meet my Maker.”

Not everyone found the question humorous though, with one comment that said: “Just reading this post gives me anxiety.”

It’s safe to say that opinions were very mixed, with some individuals desperate to know their fate.

Others were terrified of the thought, and would much rather carry on with their life not knowing.

Some were even on the fence, sharing their thoughts on spirituality and their own personal experiences of mortality.

Some couldn’t even answer the question, saying that they’d “have to think about it” because it was a “deep question.”

Props to one user though, who said: “I’d prefer an envelope with where I’m going to die, that way I’d keep away from the place.”