Foster dog’s incredible story of finding her forever home after brave cancer battle

The adorable cross breed has had quite the journey leading up to finally discovering her new home

The process of fostering and adoption can be a long and tricky road for many dogs, but for this beautiful pup there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

This incredible story has resonated with viewers, warming the hearts of many and giving foster dogs everywhere a reason to dream.

The video, which was posted by TikTok user, was a hit on the app, with almost 15,000 views and over 3,000 likes.

In the clip, viewers are shown the story of one labrador retriever cross’s journey through fostering, adoption and even cancer.

At the start of the video, it is explained that the dog’s owner was asked to foster her from Hope Rescue Centre in Wales back in August of this year.

Since then, the poor pup has been through a lot, initially being incredibly itchy and uncomfortable until she was given a medicated bath.

Instantly she became happier, meeting her new foster brother and enjoying playing in the garden with him, even picking up a toy for the first time in a week.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing from here, as she soon found out that she was poorly with cancer, which required an operation to remove.

After also battling with a bout of kennel cough and struggling to eat, things were finally starting to look up, with a successful operation preceding the best news of all.

Following recovery from the operation, it was time for the dog to go up for adoption, but it turned out that she had been home all along.

After being adopted by her foster mother, this dog’s long story finally had the happy ending she deserved.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the story, with one user commenting: “Wow beautiful dogs happy forever home.”

Another commenter wrote: “Amazing and I cried watching the video.”

A third added: “This warms my heart.”