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Industrial Energy Efficiency

Industrial Energy Efficiency in industry contributes to not only on reduction of energy intensity and emission impacts on environment. IEE will also result in improving competitiveness and economic benefits of the company. With its role and its mandate, the CPC-L assists Industries and service sector to respond to their increasing energy costs, supporting the implementation of energy efficiency techniques and industrial application of renewable energy technologies, including preparing feasibility studies for different options. CPC-L is able to provide the energy efficiency service includes energy quick scans, detailed energy audits and options and solutions for energy saving. 

Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is the continuous application of preventive environmental strategies to processes, products and services to increase efficiency through the use of natural resources (materials, energy and water) and reduce risks to humans and the environment.

With CPC-L services and helps, the industries will be able to identify with the gaps in their production process which lead to over consumption of raw materials and increasing production costs.  It will help the industry to increase competitiveness in economic, environmental management and production efficiency.