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Cleaner Production Center Lao PDR (CPC-L) has already set up its Homepage for its CP Clinic focusing on providing CP assistance to the stakeholders from Private and the Government Organizations, whose factories or production Units are seeking the way to increase the quality of product with appropriate approaches.
The service of the Cleaner Production Center Lao PDR (CPC-L) includes CP HelpDesk and CP Quick Scans.

• CP QuickScans

CP-Quick Scan is a technique that only provides the partial advices on the implementation of Cleaner Production solution to the Production Units. The problems and options can be found and generated by the site visit of CP experts.

• CP HelpDesk is to provide help on cleaner production by receiving inquiries/problem regarding production and product. This message will be conveyed to CP experts or CTA for seeking solution. The way the company can reach the CP HelpDesk is to direct contact with the CP HelpDesk Office or access to the website provided by the center.