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If cleaner production is to take root and continually be successful, it is imperative that the cleaner production team does not lose momentum after it has implemented a few cleaner production options.

Monitor and evaluate results

 Sustaining cleaner production is best achieved when it becomes part of the daily management. Routinely monitoring on company- and process level is a key to sustaining cleaner production.


Report cleaner production results

 To maintain commitment the results of the cleaner production assessment have to be reported to the management and employees.


Prepare for a new cleaner production assessment

 When completed, a new cleaner production assessment should be launched to ensure the continuous improvement of the company.


Continuously integrate cleaner production into daily management

Setting up an environmental management system, certified or not, will ensure that cleaner production is maintained on the agenda of the company.

Implementation of an ISO 14000 certified environmental management system can be a valuable continuation of cleaner production.

On-going monitoring