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Many low-cost and no-cost options, e.g. repairing leaks, closing running taps or providing training to staff, should have been implemented during the first steps of the cleaner production assessment. If not, they should be implemented as soon as possible.

To be able to document the success of the cleaner production assessment it is very important to keep a list of options that have been implemented.

The remaining options that are selected for implementation should be implemented according to an action plan approved by the management.

It can be necessary to further document the options to obtain this approval or to get adequate funding.

The action plan should state:

  • What to be made;
  • Who is responsible;
  • When shall it be accomplished; and
  • How shall the improvement be monitored?

 When the options are implemented, it is important to monitor the new resource consumption/waste generation level to evaluate the success of the options.