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CP Assessment

A structured step by step approach was used to identify the sources and quantity of waste generation, causes of wastes and identifying the opportunities and implementing the technically feasible, economically viable and environmentally desirable CP options in 4 selected CP demo units. The approach includes:


1     An Initial review of demo sites: 

                  Project staff  including Chief Technical advisor and International CP Experts, selected national experts and CP trainees from Various stakeholder organisations in close cooperation with the participating unit management  conducted an initial review (pre-assessment) of all the selected units  The purpose of this assessment was to collect and compile preliminary information on the actual operation on site, actual resource consumptions (Specific  existing consumptions) and general operating practices including housekeeping practices.


2     Collecting Baseline data on consumption and production

Follow up visits, meetings of CP teams and project professionals with the objective of reviewing the site process in great details, collecting data on yearly, monthly , daily and batchwise basis , working out the CP potential, identifying the obvious CP opportunities and possibilities of implementation  of CP as per the priorities of management.


3     Selecting CP solutions

Except obvious, low cost, no cost and directly implement able CP options other options were subjected to detailed feasibility analysis for technical, economical and environmental feasibility analysis to convert options into solutions. Before selecting the option for implementation pros and cons associated with each option for implementation were evaluated and an implementation plan was prepared


4.    Implementation of CP solutions

Mutually agreed technically feasible & economically viable options were selected for implementation and based on resources available with company implementation plan was drawn and executed.


5.    Monitoring of implemented CP solutions

To sustain the implemented CP solution it is required to monitor regularly the progress and record the results to demonstrate the benefits to management as well as helping in multiplier effect of CP benefits in similar other units.