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Vision and Mission

The Cleaner Production Center Lao PDR established in 2010 in response to the request of the Government of Lao PDR with the objective of promotion of proactive approach for assisting and building Laotian industries to meet future trade and environmental challenge. The CP Programme was established by UNIDO for the "Promotion of Industrial Cleaner Production in the Lao PDR. The project is funded by the Swiss Government through the State Secretariat for Economic Affair (SECO) and hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC).



The Cleaner Production Center Lao PDR aims at becoming a national and independent Center of excellence for promoting the adoption of CP and sustainable industrial practices in Lao PDR. The center targets primarily the development and transfer of know-how relevant to Lao PDR and not necessarily the transfer of technology.



As achieving Sustainable Development is a collective responsibility, the mission of LCPP is to promote the sustainable application of CP strategy in enterprises and government policies in harmony with local conditions. In order to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the national industries and to reduce risks to humans and the environment it is necessary to develop local capacity, to create demand and supply of CP services in the country. LCPP is a focal point for promotion of CP activities, provides services to the private and public sector, creates local capacity, coordinates the different national CP efforts and contributes to establish the legal framework to facilitate the promotion of CP.

The center will continue functioning as a co-operative and supportive partner to all stakeholders of CP promotion including beneficiaries like industries both production and service. The center is aimed at reducing the resource consumption and environmental impact minimisation by switching to replenishable resources and substitution of toxic and hazardous materials to non toxic or less toxic and also by increasing resource and workers productivity.



Recognizing the need of Cleaner Production Center implementation in Lao PDR which is still in his infancy in getting industrialised, the initial goal of the project is to reach the maximum possible industry in the country’s to create awareness on cleaner production concept, benefits, methodologies and techniques. The Textile/garment sector was selected for CP demonstration in 1 st year of establishment, the food processing sector in the 2nd year and in year 2007 it is planned that mainly the wood and construction sector will be selected but earlier sectors will also continue depending on available resources.